Sunday, 23 March 2014

Unscripted Nonsense

I Grace Collett,
 Say hello to you, one random human being to another.

I present to you a really quick hello. Next time I film properly it'll be on a groovy iPhone so don't worry about the quality (even the microphone makes me sound a little squeeky oh dear god). Most of you may think 'WOT AN IPHONE NO' but it's a massive upgrade from what I've got at the moment. Seriously I've had goldfish more reliable than my phone.

I just wanted to show you 'ME' as I know people script a lot of the time and I'm just like 'but rambling/waffling is what I do best' so that is how I wish to put myself across. I'm totally professional though. Promise. 

Ta ta.<3

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Forever wishing that I could pass on my wisdom and funs as a professional waffler/vlogger at PlaylistLive. Don't you agree? 

(I'm jesting)

Much love

Life Update (15/03/14)


There's a lot that life has to offer when one isn't lounging around the house debating the meaning of life and eating excessive amounts of cheese (but let's be honest here, who doesn't pig out when there's cheese to hand) - anyway moving on. Just wanted to get that off my chest.


Saturday was quite literally my busiest day TO DATE like literally I was like a cross between Superwoman and Holly Go-Lightly it was a very cool day! Firstly I woke very, ridiculously early in the morning and had a really random urge to write something. You know when you get like a kick and it's like something from another dimension has suddenly zapped you/clicked their fingers and you're like ooo I'm going to do this for the next 40 minutes. So I just started putting loads of brain farts into a word doc and made it all sound very interesting (ahar). Anyway yes teaching. So I covered character movement in a ridiculously hot room, where they all seemed a bit hot and bothered, however managed to teach them a little about Commedia del'Arte and lazzi and etcetera. Woop.

Then quickly jumped to town to pick up a Shakeaway (omnonomomnomnon) and handed in a document that may or may not change my life. And bought the mother of all Shakeaway's DAIM BAR (onomonmonomonom)! Too good!

Anyway yeah. So that happened and then I had to immediately catch a train (I like trains) and head over to Bexhill and once again offer my services as a professional waffla' at the Dear Serge event showing at the DLWP. Well for starters I've never seen such a beautiful collection of artwork - an exhibition called 'A Cheer a Dead Man's Sweetheart' was on where more than 20 artists around the UK display there work over the next couple of months. There was a real mixture of art there that day it was bloody fabulous! That day I had the privilege of sporting a rather fetching albeit tight fitting t-shirt. Yes I feel I have been approved by the cool people their as one of them. Also, there was a fantastic band there that day - check them out they're called Soccer 96. I described the Brighton/London duo as a cross between The xx and Daft Punk. They're cool though. Very cool. 

I finished early after chatting to numerous brilliant members of the public and making friends. What a refreshing day. I then walked back, checking the time and making sure I was right on schedule. I love train journeys HAHA there was a ridiculously giggly child on the train back, I could hardly contain my own laughter. 

HEAVENS ABOVE I then had an interview for a job and rushed there quickly, while bumping into friends that I'd see later (who wished me luck) and an old friend who also wished me the best of luck while he skipped off to KFC. It went well. That is all. 

I then did some babysitting and made my little neighbour friend into a mini me. We did a 'what's in my bag' thing just between us and reviewed my many lipsticks. When my lovely neighbour came back, we spoke about my day and my future and how much I loved the Arctic Monkeys and then..

John Cooper-Clarke - lord, what a marvel of metaphors. An utter genius. Being a die-hard Arctic Monkeys fan, my neighbour introduced me to him after saying that Alex Turner (my other husband in a parallel universe; other meaning that I have more than one in a parallel universe. Yes I have multiple wedding certificates in that respect of my life.) sort inspiration and idolised John Cooper Clarke as a teenager. BUT do you want to know the best part of this? After saying all of this, he told me that Cooper Clarke is playing at the DLWP in April! *scrambles to box office and books tickets* Isn't that exciting! I wonder if he does a Q&A after... He probably wouldn't would he? He's quite ..hmm.. ooo I dunno. He's just very...indescribable... Obviously.

I then headed out for another night on the town with friends. 

If you're worn out from reading this. Imagine how I felt that day. 
Woah. I'm exhausted just writing this. 
Anyway yes. Good good. 

TA TA.<3

Thursday, 20 March 2014



I've been incredibly busy having a life and getting out so I apologise to my obviously humongous audience for not updating you. (haha jks no h8)

I really do need to start blogging more though. 
Okay good news - I'm going up to Harlow next week for 4 whole days to do some work experience so that'll be exciting and not only will I be writing a daily record of my adventures and goings on I'll also be doing a documentary style video which'll be good. 
I think it'll be an iPhone job though - camera quality is crap on my digi one at the moment.

Also my belated 'Workshop What We Did #2' shall be published soon it just takes me ages to find suitable synonyms for everything and I can't bear to sound unintelligent. (haha)

I'm really looking forward to things coming up so YAY.
Also I miss doing music posts so here is my favourite song at the moment, it's Miss Paloma Faith whose an absolutely beauty and seriously down to earth human being - I LOVE YOU PALOMA!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Workshop What We Did NO#1


SUNDAY was the first of 4 workshops that I'll be doing with a performance company called Hidden Agenda, and oh my goodness it was so much fun!

Objective on Sunday, as performers and hooligans alike, was to explore our senses and bodies through movement. We did a series of exercises where we focused on eye contact, energy and experiencing the vibes around us. There was a bee game and body shaping and all types of wonderfully weird bits and bobs! 

It was wonderful meeting people from different corners of the world too all with different interests. Ah I just can't stress how good it was. 

I'm a bit rubbish though as I didn't record anything BUT GOOD NEWS, Hidden Agenda did record some footage so expect to see that on Youtube some time!!

And I've learnt how to EDIT! HURRAH! (Although, to be quite frank I'm absolutely ghastly at it but practice makes perfect). I'll update you on my progress (haha) and hopefully will upload something soon. I'd like for you to know that there's an actual person behind the beautifully written genius of this blog and not some incoherent Wall-e type robot. 


Now before I go any further I found this and it literally states everything that I've been trying to do and I encourage you to do it too!

Stretching and yoga's still going good, I can feel my posture getting better too. Definitely better than waking with aching spine and neck pain from late night Tumblring.

MY NAILS ARE GROWING. My nail (not actual) rehab is working! Remember my Superdrug Special Review? Well I put in a picture of two nail varnishes, one was a base coat/growth enhancer and the other top coat/nail hardener and both of them have so far worked a treat! If you're a nail biter like myself I thoroughly suggest them but you have to have some will power too! 

**RANDOM Tip** 
TAKE CARE OF YOUR NAILS - pamper them. Spend 10-15 minutes everyday just giving yourself a little hand massage focusing on the cuticles in small circular motions. And file your nails everyday. Seriously, like I've found the more you file the stronger your nails get. I suppose if you're gnawing at them it makes the jagged and uneven.

Yeah it's all going well! 

Take care my lovely's see you soon! 

Ta ta.<3

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Going On Adventures

It's in the title.
This month shall be full of adventures for me! I'm going up to London more and shall be taking my camera with me! This post is like a mini life update of what's happened recently.

So on Wednesday my Dad and I went to the De La Warr Pavillion and took part in the Creative Cafe day as professional artists (I'm not really a pro but I can dream). 
Basically the Creative Cafe is like a meet-up thing that happens every so often and encourages young people to learn new things from a variety of different professional perspectives. On Wednesday, the professions varied from banks to architecture and animation to publishing! It was our job to give a little insight to these yr 10-11's what our profession is like and how they can get into it etc. We spoke about auditioning, casting, solo work.. and the response was brilliant. They all showed real, genuine interest. It's sad really because I know in a lot of schools, not just around my area, don't really get the advice or guidance that they should when it comes to the arts industry. Mainly because some don't think it's necessary or they think it shouldn't be encouraged. 

I remember having a one to one with a careers advisor back at school. I kinda felt it was a waste of time going because I knew what I wanted to do, how to get there etc because of the advice that my parents gave me and ONE drama teacher. This teacher was like 'So what do you want to do?' and I replied 'Acting' and they said 'Well okay. Let's have a look at some other options' and started talking about Textiles, Politics, Sociology-- SOCIOLOGY. Where the heck did that come from? This person, clearly, had nothing to say about what I wanted to do.
I sat there for ages thinking 'You know what if I was doing your job, and god forbid I had no idea what was required in a profession that I knew nothing about, I wouldn't talk this student out of doing what they want to do. I'd encourage them and look it up with them because surely you want people to succeed right? RIGHT?!'

I swear to God some just dismiss it. Or know nothing about it so try and steer us to something that they do know about. In my eyes they panic because it's unfamiliar and they're content when someone leaves with a book or websites on psychology or environmental studies.  

Sure I know it's a hard industry to get into and you do have to have a solid plan B (mines Fashion/ Journalism/ Vlogging/Motivational Speaker/Radio Presenter)...(coincidentally every other industry that's hard to get into). 

Anyways, enough ranting. But the point is we gave about 20 kids an insight into the industry and helped them find great ways of getting into it. I love kids I really do especially when they're clearly having fun and learning something. Ahh, I miss school-- Actually no, who'm I kidding. Pfft!


Every Sunday of this month I'm going to be working with a theatre company called Hidden Agenda on a series of workshops that they'll be putting together for a new project! Seems like a perfect opportunity to vlog my adventures up in London!

I shall also be working at a theatre (myyysteriouss hmm) towards the end of the month on some projects as well. Many duties shall one carry out while pondering round such a creative venue!

As well as volunteering and helping out and meeting lovely people so EEK! I can't wait to get started! 

Go on as many adventures as you possibly can - stepping outside holds endless possibilities. 
Adventures out there 

What's stopping you?

 Ta ta.<3

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What Every Human Should See

This video made me feel so much stronger and confident.
I know that my grades shan't define my fate - I've always known that I'm not an academic person.

But by god, I'll work like stink in every other possibly way to succeed.

If anyone else didn't do so well - watch this.
Because we shouldn't be ashamed.
After all it's just a letter or number.
It's YOU as a person that counts and what you are capable of in the real life.

Ta ta.<3

Monday, 3 March 2014


Dear God.
Well I did promise didn't I.

Right so I've saved my £25 quid for far too long. I decided that today was the day that I got some PROPER foundation as I'm usually the cheapest cheapskate of them all and go for some BB cream which looks shitty on my skin (my skin cells are just too fudging complicated).
So browsing in Superdrug, as you do, I picked up some Superdrug's own brand 2-1 Nail Strengthener (£2.99) and 3-1 Nail Base Coat (£2.99) as my nails are really weak at the moment (will update on results soon!).

I went then over to the Collection section and found that they were doing a offer on most things; an 'everything under £5' so I thought that's fabulous, let's see what's here. I quite like this brand because, even when offers aren't on, they're reasonably priced and reliable so yeah. I'd like to point out that I'm particularly drawn to Collection because the first time I went out to buy any concealer I randomly picked up their 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer and have bought it ever since! 

(It's easy to blend in and it's a soft brush tip which you twist at the bottom to get the concealer out - it's light as well. I've tried many concealers being in the theatre and all that jazz and some can be quite heavy but this is pretty damn good!)

Anyway back to the MAIN COSMETIC of this post. 


There are 5 shades I believe in this foundation. Porcelain is the lightest of the 5.


It's beautiful! I bought it for £3.99 and it does not disappoint. It's slick design and lovely misty-effect glass adds to the overall gorgeousness of the product. I applied it with my also relatively new Real Techniques base brush. If you haven't got one, GET ONE

(No seriously, I'm not a bona fide beauty blogger or make up person but it's a must have. Even if it's just for it's softness; it feels like a cat is nuzzling your face.)  

It's light, it's lovely, it leaves a perfect matte finish - it's just everything I'd hoped a foundation to be basically.

Application: Fingertips to t-zone, dabbing around, then proceeded to blend rest in with brush.
Motion: circular but always working down the face as our hairs grow in a downward way.
Number of pumps (of foundation) - 2 good pumps covered whole face
Focus: T-zone - particularly chin and nose and under eyes. 

*Clinical, foundation-y smell but not overpowering, I'd go as far to say it's 'pleasant'.
*SPF 20 - so it's peerfect for protecting the skin too - as it's not a clumpy, heavy foundation I'd say it's pretty fantastic in the sun too!
*Oil free. So yes, a wonderful foundation indeed.

I'll probably buy another one of these actually because you really can't argue with £3.99 foundation can you? Especially one that works. And that's saying something coming from me. Miss streaky-foundation-face - WELL GURLFRIEND NO MORE.

I've worn it pretty much since I got it (about 8 hours ago) and it's still perfectly intact. I know that's not much to go by but it still feels fresh on the skin.

Bear in mind though, foundation's defer with different skin types so although it may work for me, it might not necessarily for you - SO ALWAYS TRY THE TESTER!

I give this product 5/5 hands down! 

Ta ta.<3

(pictures taken by Me.
Find Superdrug products at

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Little Bit of a Failure..

I'm not going into details of my diet but I haven't been particularly healthy today apart from having Oat Milk with my Earl Grey. 
Only day 2 and I'm already slacking. Dear God, what is the purpose of living.

Right tomorrow, expect a review post and a theatrical post of some sort? 

Totally pissed that I can't see the Oscar's live tonight *huff*

Ta ta.<3

Saturday, 1 March 2014


So today got off to a slooow start. Still ill. Still causing mini-earthquakes in my surroundings. Still dreaming. 
And then boom
Wait wut.

1st of MARCH?

Jesus Christ this is going too quickly! 

And literally I cannot afford to lose anymore time just being a lazy lump  and thinking too much ahead of now and thinking more of what I should be doing now 


(something that I've started on Instagram)

Join in if you wish



*I've taken inspiration from Deliciously Ella (check her out!) and my Mum and I have started eating more whole foods and mother natures gems (vegetables).
Tonight we had the Sweet Potato, Spinach and Mushroom thing. OH MY GOD.
Seriously guys, like I'm all for McDonalds and pizza but Jesus it was so YUMMY. Really easy to cook and you feel satisfied. The taste is indescribable. Just wowza. 
(Ella if you're reading this - thumbs up!)

*Drink more Oat milk and Green Tea. And water.


*Gentle coughing (without sounding like a crow)
*Breathing exercises

*Ain't got-- I got PLENTY of time for softness 



Other things that I must do in March
*Wear more black
*Text friends back immediately


Ta ta.<3