Wednesday, 14 May 2014

WHAT TO WRITE-- Jack in the Green!

Knowing that there's amazing trips to come in the future excites me to no end. 
Like wow, and I mean wow.
However much I want to write about them and let people who know what I'm going to do, I have literally no idea how to express them on me keyboard so let's talk about Mayday instead.
For those that don't know, in Hastings, my gorgeous town in which I reside, we have an annual celebration of the start of summer called Jack in the Green. We celebrate by dressing some poor soul (jack) in a tree-cage full of leaves and let half the town follow him before he is slain on a built-up stage on the west hill. This is meant to represent rebirth and growth in spring or something wonderfully uplifting along those lines.
We have the mad jacks, some scary raven people, a few milkmaids and a really, really tall mermaid! 

Of course it is a day traditionally known for vast amounts of alcohol being consumed, laughing and green paint (that will inevitably get all over anything that isn't green). And I was lucky enough to be greened on the way down to our family friends house - as well as capturing some amazingly close shots! I have a few pics on my Pinterest if you want to check them out or just head to my Facebook for the full album!

Because it was my mum's birthday the day before (may the fourth be with you), a few friends stayed down from all corners of the UK to enjoy the festivities so there was much drinking and nibbling and laughing. I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much in AGES! On the subject, Mel my mum's friend organised some morris dancers to come and dance for mum's birthday as a surprise and it was a wonderful thing seeing my mum enjoy herself! They picked her up after too - it was simply fab! Here's some footage! 

Anyway back to JITG, I met up with a few friends, stroked a few owls, bumped into a few people and just laughed like crazy person. It was truly one the best weekends (kinda, count the Monday as the weekend (bank holiday and all that))! 

Also here's a bit of face painting which my friend did for me! 
Lurrrvely! So now's a good time to ask you: DO YOU CELEBRATE JACK IN THE GREEN AND IF SO DID YOU ENJOY IT?! Are there any other Jack in the Greens apart from Hastings and if so where are dey?!

p.s I'm so sorry this post is late - tomorrow's post shall explain whyyyy!

Ta ta.<3