Wednesday, 30 April 2014

BlogButties - Supporting Friends Blogs

So if you actually read this waffle that I verbally vomit onto a blogpost, I'd like to check out me friends that also do blogs and wot-not because I'm feeling generous and I want to spread some love!

She has her website up and running now for those who're interested in photography I suggest you check her out! Her stuffs incredible and she has an amazing eye for things.
Click here to see her stuff!

I may have mentioned him in the past as he started his blog a few months ago, but he's very much a fashion guru giving you the latest trends usually from Topshop (promo) but he is fabulous when it comes to best picks for all styles as well as being an all round good guy.
Click here to view his blog and here for his channel!

Daisy started her channel last year and has stop for some unknown reason (shockaaa horror) DO ME A FAVOUR PLEASE ENCOURAGE HER TO DO MORE AS SHE'S MARVELLOUS!
See her channel here!

Jenny started her blog nearly a year ago now and is currently working with Nike! Amazing I know!
She's recently started up a channel too right heeerere - ain't she pretttyyy!

Silvana is a lifestyle/bblogger/fashion blogger and is just a perfectly smashing being with a very good eye for colours and trends!
Check her out here!

Zahra I consider to be almost family as I've known her for so long! She's a fashion and design student and has shown collections of her work at Dubai Fashion Week!
Check her out here!

Fast becoming part of the Youtubey community - so you should check him out!
Right here

That's all for now ta ta.<3