About Me


Those of you that read my Twitter *cough* @Colletian *cough* will know that I (Grace Collett) describe myself as "an aspiring actress who likes pulling faces and blowing raspberries." ... It's um..it's what I do best...

In my small but eventful life, I've worked with the likes of Janie Dee, Clive Rowe, Tom McRae and Punchdrunk. Travelled to Austrailia and toured the UK with my pa. Played a variety of parts, male and female. Marketed, communated and laughed, Basically a social butterfly who does a variety of theatrically things.
 Since a young age I've grown up around dusty curtains and aerosol particles and have continued to put my lungs through hell ever since. 

I aspire to do the following: act professionally, model professionally, sing professionally, entertain professionally, create professionally, write professionally, make clothes and sell them professionally, travel professionally, vlog, eat and drink, naturally.

I plan to remain happy and ebullient and enrich my life with all the experiences I get. (eww cheese)  

I reside in a small seaside town with a big heart (metaphorically speaking) but intend on travelling around Europe or moving to London to pursue my acting within the next year or so.

For job enquiries, reviews or just general bits and bobs get in touch and I'll try and get back to you asap!


Ta ta.<3