Monday, 3 March 2014


Dear God.
Well I did promise didn't I.

Right so I've saved my £25 quid for far too long. I decided that today was the day that I got some PROPER foundation as I'm usually the cheapest cheapskate of them all and go for some BB cream which looks shitty on my skin (my skin cells are just too fudging complicated).
So browsing in Superdrug, as you do, I picked up some Superdrug's own brand 2-1 Nail Strengthener (£2.99) and 3-1 Nail Base Coat (£2.99) as my nails are really weak at the moment (will update on results soon!).

I went then over to the Collection section and found that they were doing a offer on most things; an 'everything under £5' so I thought that's fabulous, let's see what's here. I quite like this brand because, even when offers aren't on, they're reasonably priced and reliable so yeah. I'd like to point out that I'm particularly drawn to Collection because the first time I went out to buy any concealer I randomly picked up their 2000 Illuminating Touch Concealer and have bought it ever since! 

(It's easy to blend in and it's a soft brush tip which you twist at the bottom to get the concealer out - it's light as well. I've tried many concealers being in the theatre and all that jazz and some can be quite heavy but this is pretty damn good!)

Anyway back to the MAIN COSMETIC of this post. 


There are 5 shades I believe in this foundation. Porcelain is the lightest of the 5.


It's beautiful! I bought it for £3.99 and it does not disappoint. It's slick design and lovely misty-effect glass adds to the overall gorgeousness of the product. I applied it with my also relatively new Real Techniques base brush. If you haven't got one, GET ONE

(No seriously, I'm not a bona fide beauty blogger or make up person but it's a must have. Even if it's just for it's softness; it feels like a cat is nuzzling your face.)  

It's light, it's lovely, it leaves a perfect matte finish - it's just everything I'd hoped a foundation to be basically.

Application: Fingertips to t-zone, dabbing around, then proceeded to blend rest in with brush.
Motion: circular but always working down the face as our hairs grow in a downward way.
Number of pumps (of foundation) - 2 good pumps covered whole face
Focus: T-zone - particularly chin and nose and under eyes. 

*Clinical, foundation-y smell but not overpowering, I'd go as far to say it's 'pleasant'.
*SPF 20 - so it's peerfect for protecting the skin too - as it's not a clumpy, heavy foundation I'd say it's pretty fantastic in the sun too!
*Oil free. So yes, a wonderful foundation indeed.

I'll probably buy another one of these actually because you really can't argue with £3.99 foundation can you? Especially one that works. And that's saying something coming from me. Miss streaky-foundation-face - WELL GURLFRIEND NO MORE.

I've worn it pretty much since I got it (about 8 hours ago) and it's still perfectly intact. I know that's not much to go by but it still feels fresh on the skin.

Bear in mind though, foundation's defer with different skin types so although it may work for me, it might not necessarily for you - SO ALWAYS TRY THE TESTER!

I give this product 5/5 hands down! 

Ta ta.<3

(pictures taken by Me.
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