Monday, 9 February 2015



2015 has so far proven busy.

 A couple of auditions and job interviews/trials down and it's still only February! So quick update, last couple of months - omg, so busy, much work, little social life. I auditioned for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and got through to the recall stage however, being the competitive business it is, I didn't proceed any further. As well as that, I also applied for Bristol Old Vic but didn't go any further than the preliminary audition.  However, may I openly comment on the interview for BOV? Ahem. What interview? That wasn't an interview. That was one question, which actually wasn't a very good one. Hate to be "slightly opinionated" but you know, when you're paying £50 a pop for auditions you hope that you're getting the most out of it. Know what I mean?!

 Anyway, moving on! I've now got Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (a day in Glasgow!) and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama coming up soon! I'll keep y'all informed...
So as well as that there has also been much talk of jobs- which I have aquired! Yes, I'm currently working in a delightful restaurant on the seafront - I've got a ver smart uniform yarh. Ver nice.  I am having to control my monster of an appetite because, for those of you that work in restaurants will know, the smell of ALL THE FOODS EVER brings out the biggest hunger demon in me and I--I just can't control it. I don't go crazy, I just longingly look at the kitchens with a puppy dog expression...
Yes I know. It's almost heartbreaking. 


I miss looking at music and suggesting tunes so here are some of my favourites at the moment!

Make Me Feel Better
Alex Adair

Perfect song for running or, if you're an arty person like me, it's a great tune for sitting back and drawing/painting/collaging! Give it a listen! 

Warm Foothills

I'm sorry, I've listened to this song ON REPEAT for donkey's so when I saw that it's only just coming out as Alt-J's next best song I was a little bit like now hold the phone. Such a calm relaxing tune, something to play just before you nod off or on a cold, rainy day with mug of soup in hand! I think if you're a fan of long woodland walks as well this is something to definitely listen too! 

Rabbit Hole | Jamie T

Words cannot describe my love for this song. It's brilliant. Listen to it. 
I've never really got into his music before but recently this has been a big tune for car journeys and just ye' standard bedroom dancing!

Anyway, I've got some brilliant things coming up this year *FINGERS CROSSED* and hope that you'll enjoy my 2015: A NEW ODYSSEY!

Ta ta.<3