Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy'rth Day and John Cooper Clarke

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day to wish you all a Happy Earth day. The day where we appreciate where we live and continue to drive cars, pollute the atmosphere and poison the sea with urine and oil *smiles sweetly*. Happy Earth Day.

It's funny actually my dad and I were having a conversation about the earth the other day and all of a sudden he sighed and said that we have to do more to take care of our planet and that my brother and I will be of the generation where we really will have to take action and find new ways of creating energy; renewable fuels. Such as wind, sun and water. 
But nobody wants a massive windmill in their garden or solar pannells. No one wants to be cautious with energy. We take it for granted so much and I think it's made us greedy. I mean you know what guys we did have lives before electricity and we didn't all end up in a depressed mess. I'm not saying cut electricity all together but you know just use it wisely, our lives shouldn't be slaved to technology. 
I mean I'm pretty sure I can do without my laptop because I like talking to people and going outside and reading and writing and, here's something, I love letters. 
I know that's using up trees but at least with trees, you can plant more! (back to letters) Someone wrote me a formal letter, handwritten and everything, while I was doing some work experience and I honestly felt really, really chuffed because I thought: aww, you know what, that's lovely, I love letters! 

Anywayyy enough ranting. Happy'rth Day!

Hope you're all well and sturrrff, I'm preparing video ideas for my friend who are shortly leaving for South Africa; hometown of Casper Lee. They're being very brave and courageous young ladies and going over there to do some anti-poaching volunteering *enter some horrendous joke about scrambled eggs or boiling something*. Ooo that's a thing, one of them I met up with the other day for tea and lunch and she said that she's probably going to have to survive on eggs. Haha. There we have it. It's turned full circle. Or oval-- I'm sorry.

I realised that I'm okay off camera and not actually when everything is on and I'm talking; I develop a very high squeaky voice with a disgusting nasal quality. Not the most ideal thing you'd want a vlogger to possess but I'm practising and working on it. 

Moving onnn...

On Saturday I was volunteering at the DLWP and was lucky enough to watch some of John Cooper Clarke's act. He's brilliant he really is. Alex Turner's idol and basically non-biological father. But Clarke, it's literally tiny in real life. He must put all his efforts into his words and hair. I had to leave early but I caught his poem 'Twat' - the first thing that I saw of him and caused me to fall in love with him. Awh, I just enjoyed it sooo much. As well as you know, showing people in and stewarding, and chatting to people, ensuring that they're having a good time. I'd like to quickly say a massive thank you to Bob and Wendy for making me feel very welcome and paying for my cab home! :')

Yes, Bexhill Station you've got to put a sign up to show people where to go when the station closes because just assuming that people know where the back track is and that leads to the platform simply will not do!

Anyway John Cooper Clarke was amazing, and so were the other two (whose name's escape me I'm sorry)! 

Right time to tidy my room and listen to Radio 1. I will go there one day. 

Ta ta.<3